What to Expect at Ages 12-18 Years
  • Dental decay may be more of a problem during teen years
    than ever before.

  • Gum disease (i.e. gingivitis) is more prevalent due to changing

  • All permanent teeth are erupted with the possible exception of the third molars (i.e. wisdom teeth).

  • Although some wisdom teeth come into the mouth normally, others need to be removed because of poor positioning and lack of space. The dentist will make sure the proper treatment is prescribed at the right time.

  • 28% of high school students report using some type of tobacco. Tobacco is responsible for over 90% of oral cancers.

  • The dentist can provide counseling for adolescent patients who use tobacco products.

  • Malocclusions should be addressed and treated for esthetic and functional considerations.

  • Tooth whitening and esthetic dentistry may be addressed.
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