Dr. Jeff

Dr. Jeff Berndt, a native of Eastern Washington, received his bachelor’s
degree from the University of Puget Sound in Business Administration.
He then went on to earn his dental degree at the University of Southern
California. After dental school he worked at the Yakima Valley Farm
Workers Clinic before leaving to attend his orthodontic residency at the
University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Dr. Jeff loves seeing the transformation in his patients from the beginning to end. Especially with the younger people in his practice, as they go from youth to adulthood. Not only does their oral health improve and their appearance change, but as they begin to see their new smiles emerge, they become more confident and outgoing.

Dr. Jeff is excited to be back on the West Coast to spend more time with his family and friends. In his free time he loves to connect with local and national volunteer organizations. For the past twelve years he has volunteered with Global Dental Relief, a nonprofit dental organization that brings oral healthcare to under served children around the world. Once or twice a year he travels with the organization to countries such as Nepal, Cambodia, India, and Guatemala… be sure to let him know if you are ever interested in volunteering abroad!

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